We strive to provide exceptional design, products, and services within the realm of lifestyle, floral, and event design because we love beauty and creation and we sort of have a thing for flowers.

We are a husband and wife team offering customized and bespoke floral, event and lifestyle design. What does that mean? Think regular fresh flower subscription for your home or workspace. Think the perfect gift of flowers for the newly-weds after the wedding. Think flowers for that once in a lifetime dinner party you've been dreaming about. Think holiday decor. Think just because...just because flowers are wonderful, and you may need something wonderful. We are intrigued by learning the inspirations of our clients, flower related or not, and translating that into elements of thoughtful design to reflect them well. Whether it’s in parties, weddings, businesses, or private homes, our passion is to build relationships, earn trust, and deliver in a collaborative way to the party-throwing, purpose-living, flower-loving, warm-hugging people. 


words hold the power to bring life or death. In light of this, I try to choose my words with care and intention. 


I know I am 4th of 5 in birth order.

I think I'm a 4w3 on the enneagram



rolling hills, olive groves, vineyards… sunshine or pouring rain or snowy flurries. please give me all the wide open space and natural light.



we have known each other for 24 years and have been married for 16. Speaking of, marriage is difficult and beautiful. But please notice that I said difficult, because it is.


If I could see anyone in concert, past or present, it would be Johnny Cash and June Carter. Ironically, and without intention, our kids’ middle names are, you guessed it, John and June.

As a rule, I generally don’t like things that contain flour. That includes pizza. However, because I mostly enjoy eating everything else, when traveling, Farmer's Markets are the first thing we seek out and plan our days around because they are our favorite way to deep dive into a region. Those and coffee shops.


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