Who wouldn’t want a weekly subscription to fresh, local, and seasonal flowers in their front entry and on the bedside table? Better yet, why not even the office? And while you’re at it, what about sharing it with a friend as a thoughtful wedding or housewarming gift?  


We love weddings! We love helping with weddings. Stumped on inspiration? Kinda uncertain how to get from the foggy but specific dreams in your head to reality? Know what you want and are capable of doing it but, hey, it’s your wedding and you have to get married so don’t even dare doing it yourself? We can help you no matter where you land on this spectrum. 


We bring your hosting aspirations to life and relieve your stress in pulling them off. Many clients host events at their homes and we bring in that magic sauce that takes their incredible, (and I mean incredible) spaces and elevate them in ways only fresh and seasonal flowers can. We set your table. Hand write your menu cards, transform your front entry, add the thoughtful bundle of fresh Lily of the Valley in your guest bathroom. All the thoughtful details to make hosting go from a fun but overwhelming idea to a beautiful, intentional, and memorable event…these are our favorite things.

dinner Parties

One of the most efficient and enjoyable ways to work is with a team where we all get to do what we do best. Collaborations rise the tide for everyone and we are honored every time we get to participate. 


You're taking pretty pictures of something meaningful! Let's join up together and blend our talents with yours. We've done home interiors, products, backdrops, inspiration shoots, etc. and we're always up for more.


This kind of work keeps us inspired because the needs are always so vast and varied. Due to that unique nature, the format of what we offer is flexible and completely customizable. Let’s do something together! Drop us a line if you have any questions or special projects you want to discuss.


Yes. Yes to all the travel. We love it and we want to do more.


We usually have a public one on the calendar at all times, but we also enjoy in-home and private workshops tailored to all sorts of groups. Sometimes it’s a birthday party or a corporate incentive off-site adventure, or bachelorette party… or just get your people together and let’s make stuff. We’ve done them outside in walnut groves, greenhouses, living rooms, and vaulted ceiling lofts. If you have a space, we can make it work. If you don't have a space, we can make that happen too.


Hotels, restaurants, storefronts, live video, flat lays, installations, products...if you have a need, we want to come join you and play!


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